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Training the way you want it...

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What's New on the Training Portal

Training the way you want it... Solution Configuration:

Check out the latest course module that has been added to the Training Portal. Solution Configuration will take you through an explanation of what Solution Configuration provides and a detailed exploration of what it takes to implement a Solution Configuration use case.  Check it out now...

A New Look, New Learning Tracks:

The site has been re-organized to make courses easier to find (hopefully).  The Introduction to course modules are now at the top of the Learning track menu, where they should be.  We are also instituting different learning tracks based on how you will be using  If you are implementing in conjunction with Salesforce CPQ, there is now a "Using with Salesforce" learning track.  This track will have any specific training for those users who are using Salesforce CPQ and  In the track now are /salesforce-oriented versions of the Essentials and the Advanced Administration course modules.  

We have also added a learning track called "Using in an eCommerce Implementation.  This training focuses on using in a headless environment, and there are versions of the Essentials and Advanced Administration course modules based on accessing in a headless manner.

In the future we will add tracks for those that will be using with ServiceNow, Big Commerce, and Adobe Commerce.

New Feature - June- FY25:

The latest edition of New Features training is available, check out all the new features added to during the month of June.